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Not That Kind of Love

 "Not That Kind of Love", curated by Dhaivat Jani, is a performance intertwining the timeless poetry of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, "Mujse Pehli Si Mohabbat,” with live improvised music and immersive visuals.

At its core, the concert seeks to challenge conventional notions of love, belonging, and identity. Through the fusion of many musical styles and genres, the performance will create a rich tapestry of sounds, ranging from traditional melodies to experimental sonic landscapes of Indian classical music, jazz, and everything in between.

The spoken word artist will serve as a guide, weaving together the diverse themes present in Faiz's poetry with live music, creating a multi-layer experience for the audience. The performance will engage the senses and provoke thought, supported by dynamic visuals, inviting the audience to reflect and ponder on their understanding of love, longing, belonging, the feeling of home, identity, and hope in a world shaped by politics and societal norms.

"Not That Kind of Love" promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of human emotions and societal dynamics, inviting the audience to embark on a journey of self-reflection and discovery through the lens of art.

Dhaivat Jani - drums, tabla, solkattu

Andrew Kay - saxophones, singing bowls

Jonathan Kay - saxophones, woodwinds, Esraj

Chris Priden - keys, synths

Khayyam Lasi - poetry, spoken word

publicganja - visuals

We would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council and the Government of Ontario for their support. 

Tawoos Drop In Sessions

We're very excited to present a new series for new and up and coming DJs (or even DJs who just want a bit of practice time for sets they want to experiment on! or if you've just never had the chance to play on CDJs!). The first Thursday of the month (starting Feb 1, 2024) from 7-10pm at Tapestry, Toronto , we will be having 30 minute open slots for DJs who are interested in practicing on CDJs, honing their sound, and just engaging in a bit of fun!

You can sign up at the top of the night at 7pm, and remember to bring your USBs! (and run your music through rekordbox beforehand so that you've got your BPMs lined up eh)! Tawoos in house DJ Haris will be on site for any fiddling required, and to get the goings going! It's PWYC! Bring your friends! Bring your supporters! Bring that one human who keeps telling you they could DJ better than any DJ you go see (because who knows maybe they can!)

See you all there!

**note: this isn't a teaching lesson in CDJs! It's open to folks interested in getting practice in, like an open mic almost, and we'll have our in house superstar Haris available for any questions, but this isn't a class in DJing!**

Sign up @ 7pm 

Tapestry, 224 Augusta Ave. Toronto 

Tawoos Drop in Sessions are Supported and Sponsored by the City of Toronto Music Office