The Tawoos Initiative 


The Tawoos Initiative is not genre bound and enables people to expand their vision of what South Asian music looks like. Tawoos takes spaces that have traditionally been occupied by Caucasian musicians and audiences and transforms them to be platforms for inclusivity and safe sites for musical expression. Tawoos understands how privilege intersects with the livelihood of musicians and makes a concerted effort to platform and promote female identifying and QTPOC musicians. Through this, the Initiative hopes to create new platforms for creative and musical collaborations and foster cross cultural dialogue. There is a lot of deliberate care put into its artists and its audiences and the Tawoos Initiative has attracted a range of following throughout the years, often introducing new audiences to the wonderful world of South Asian Music. 

Qais Essar, Afghan-American Rabab Player who performed with us in 2019 at Small World Music Centre

Lady Pista at our Queer South Asian Dance Party, Feb 2023 Photo credit: Som Prabh